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How to Use These Listings

Find a name and telephone number of a process server.  These listings have been compiled by soliciting participants from a variety of sources found in telephone books, listserves, public postings, and other lists.  All listings are directly posted by process servers who want to offer their services to the public.  Those posting a listing represent to us that they have the legal authority to serve process originating from their respective states.


Process servers in some states are certified, court appointed, licensed, or registered. In some states with no regulation, process servers have “extra-legal” status, meaning they are authorized because they are at least 18 years old and a citizen. If a law of the forum state requires service of a state action by an officer, public official or sheriff, a person not specifically authorized to serve process by law in that state may require special appointment by the forum state court. Many of these persons listing here may also offer ancillary services such as court research, filings, skip-tracing, and investigations.

  • Call the process server first to verify availability, address, and charges before you send your assignment.
  • Plan to provide an appropriate Affidavit of Service or Proof of Service for the court where the action is pending.
  • Clearly specify timelines for service and filing of the Affidavit or Proof of Service.
  • Be clear about how and where the Affidavit or Proof of Service should be returned.
  • Read the article Forwarding Assignments for an overview of the problems you may encounter and how to keep control of your costs.

We do not endorse any of these process servers. This is primarily an open list – some paid, others for free. It is a service to facilitate the needs of a person who needs to hire a process server, and offered to a process server who seeks to market his or her business to the general public.

We are, however, responsive to complaints about servers who list here.

Since we first posted this site in 1999, we encountered a series of calls about one server who refused to provide a proof of service, and would not return phone calls.  Although we don’t handle or mediate complaints of this nature, we removed the listing because two people complained about the same listed company. We gave them notice, asked them to make it right with the complaining persons, and dumped them from the list after receiving no response. There will likely be more, although we have received no similar calls for several years now.

Therefore, you use these listings at your own risk. If an assignment gets screwed up, or the server doesn’t call you back, or can’t provide an adequate proof of service, it is not our problem. We encourage you to contact that authority in the particular state that registers or licenses the server. You may locate that authority, if any, from a 2009 survey of process server provisions by Fordham Law School that includes a chart on page 4 for each state. We have also provided limited information regarding server requirements and relevant details for many of the states on this site.

If these listings are incorrect, please help us keep it current by notifying us of corrections, dead phone numbers, etc. by cutting and pasting the listing and sending it to tony@psinstitute.com.

Finally, if you find a process server from this list tell them where and how you found them.

To post a listing, click the Post a Listing button at the top right of this page, set up an account, and fill in the form … then post it. It’s that easy!

Other Lists of Process Servers – General

National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS)

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