This site is intended to facilitate process servers, providing a marketing opportunity to advertise their services to the general public. These listings have been seeded and compiled from a variety of sources: telephone books, listserves, public postings, other lists, and by direct posting by process servers who want to offer their services to the public.  All of the companies or individuals in these listings serve process originating from their respective states.

Process Servers: If you would like to be listed on this site, please submit your information on the Contact link above.

Warning When Retaining Servers Across State Lines: Process servers are licensed and registered in some states and, in states with no regulation, process servers have “extra-legal” status. If a law of the forum state requires service of a state action by an officer, lawyer, public official or sheriff, a server not specifically authorized to serve process by state law may require special appointment by the forum state court.

Suggested Guidelines for use of these these listings:

  • Call the process server first to verify availability, address, and charges before you send your assignment.
  • Set forth any specific manners of service and restrictions to the server. Provide a copy of pertinent statutes to the server.
  • Plan to provide an appropriate Affidavit of Service or Proof of Service for the court where the action is pending.
  • Clearly specify any court or firm deadlines or timelines for service and filing of the Affidavit or Proof of Service.
  • Be clear about how and where the Affidavit or Proof of Service should be returned.
  • Read the article Forwarding Assignments for an overview of the problems you may encounter and how to keep control of your costs!

We do not endorse any of these process servers, although many of the servers on this list have attended one or more seminars and dinner events conducted by Process Server Institute. We sell Enhanced Listings and advertising to make some of them more prominent. Some of these listings are provided as a benefit for Process Server Institute.org members. Abbreviated listings are offered at no charge to independent process servers.

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If these listings are incorrect, please help us keep it current by notifying us of corrections, dead phone numbers, etc. by leaving a reply (top of this page).  We invite you to refer us to dependable process servers.  Those comments are not published on this page.

Finally, if you find a process server from this list tell them that you you found them on the Find a Process Server.com site.

Tony Klein

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